Membership Benefits

Our members enjoy many benefits…

Cornish Community Banking

Different ways of saving

We encourage all our members to save as much, or as little, as they can.  Savings can be paid in by standing order, electronic transfer of pay or benefits or by paying in cheques or cash at a service point.

Flexible loans to suit individual circumstances

We offer two types of affordable loans, tailored to suit our members’ individual repayment needs.  Different rates of 6.3% Representative APR or 15.0% Representative APR apply, depending on the member’s situation.

Free life insurance

We offer free Life Insurance protection on loans and savings (subject to conditions).

Dividends on savings

We aim to pay an annual dividend on members’ savings, which are also placed in our Life Insurance scheme, offering free insurance on your savings (subject to conditions – ask for full details). Dividends are based on the credit union’s financial performance and the rate and payment of which is not guaranteed.

Current account – an easier way to access your money

With a current account there is no need to travel to your nearest credit union  service point.  You can access your cash at ATM machines, set up standing orders and direct debits as well as do your daily and online shopping.

Friendly and professional service with no transaction fees

You can be assured of good service from Cornish Community Banking at all times with no transaction fees for saving with us. 

Member services

Take advantage of the different member services available. Ask us for more details about joining the credit union, or for further information see the different sections of this web site.


  • Cornish Community Banking is owned and controlled by its members – there are no outside shareholders. As a member, you can vote to elect the Board and committees which run the credit union at Annual General Meetings.
  • We are regulated by the Financial Services Authority and our members’ savings are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme, which also covers banks and building societies.
  • Cornish Community Banking has a fair and ethical approach – we never encourage anyone to take on debts they can’t realistically afford.
  • Saving or borrowing with us ensures that your money stays in Cornwall, helping to run the credit union or being loaned out to other members of the community.