Meet the Team

Our board members and staff

A democratically elected Board and officers manage the Credit Union. All are formally approved by the Financial Services Authority.

We employ a range of full and part-time staff, but many of our activities are carried out by our branch volunteers.

Our board

ChairTim Jones
TreasurerJohn Yeo
Company SecretaryRichard Simeons (c)
DirectorsMary Gunn
John Ryder
Caroline Viner
Stuart Walker (c)
Board members whose name is followed by a (C) have been co-opted, under the terms of Rule 56, to serve until the next AGM.

Our staff

Credit ControllerMaria Martin
Accounting TechniciansDebbie Walker
Paul Barker
Anthony Forster
Partnership and Outreach Co-ordinatorKatrina Wagstaff
One Stop Loans OfficerAlison Brown (West)
Niel Allan (Mid)
Simon Crawford (East)
CashiersLis Hughes (Penzance)
Rose Witty (St Austell)

Our branch volunteers

Our branches volunteers are organised into three District teams. We believe that, as the area in which we are active expands, it is important that expertise and local knowledge are retained and enhanced. We are in the process of establishing a management group in each District that will manage and develop local services as well as taking part in our wider development activities.